10 Interesting Facts About Shellac Nail Polishes

Do you feel your nails lack that style you had always wanted? Yearning for some amazing product that can beautify your nails and make you the center of attraction? Nail art is a fascinating field, and keeping them beautiful is something any woman would want!

And when we talk about nails and keeping them appealing, the one brand that instantly comes to anyone’s mind is Shellac! Want to know more about this wonderful brand of nail polishes? Then you got to read this post!
1. Seamless Finish:

Shellac nail polishes offer unmatched seam and shine with a single coat itself. The brush strokes are very clean and they give better results than any other ordinary gel nail paint. You should remember that Shellac is different from other brands. These nail paints are shiny, glossy and they offer a seamless finish.
2. Smudge Free:

No matter how hard you try to ensure your nail paints don’t smudge, they always end up in smudging sooner than later. Try the Shellac nail paints this season. These are genuinely non-smudging nail paints that are easy to apply.
3. Chip Free:

CND (California Nail Design) company developed the Shellac nail polishes after an intensive research to develop something that could offer a chip free look. If you suffer commonly from the problem of chipping that makes your nails look ugly and overdone, you should switch to using the Shellac nail polishes. They offer chip free look for up to 2 weeks.
4. Improved Gel Technology:

Shellac nail polishes are extra refined, glossy and nail friendly due to their reformed gel technology. Unlike ordinary gel bases that harm nails, the Shellac nail polishes offer a friendly approach. They do not coagulate upon UV exposure and remain even and soft throughout. This makes them nail friendly and takes them to a level higher and better than simple gel based nail polishes.
5. Beautiful, But Risky:

This is important for you to know that Shellac nail polishes are beautiful, but they come with a few precautions and warnings. These cannot be your cup of tea until your nail health is sound and the cuticle is undamaged. Shellac nail polishes are certainly not for women having weak nail cuticles. If you find freckles around your nail area or the skin around your nails is peeled and cracked, do not go ahead with Shellac manicure technique. If you feel too impressed with the sheen and designs, wait until a nail care expert gives you a green signal for using the Shellac nail paints.
6. Colorful:

Shellac nail polishes come in unbelievable shades and variety. You name a shade and it is present in the kitty of this amazing nail paint featured by CND. A few popular and amazing shades include violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink, mauve, rose, wine, brick and coral.
7. Nail Strengthener:

No, this doesn’t mean you can apply the Shellac nail polishes on weak nails, overlooking the warnings and precautions by the company. This means that these moisturizing nail paints protect healthy nails against dryness and flaking. These super sultry amazing nail shades offer the goodness of moisturization as long as you wear them.
8. Easy To Remove:

Shellac nail polishes are very durable. However, the amazing range of 70+ awesome shades makes it difficult to wait until you can apply the next shade (after the previous one fades away naturally). It is as easy and quick to remove these nail paints on your own, as it is to apply them. Use an acetone rich nail paint remover to remove the Shellac nail paints in seconds.
9. Easy To Apply:

You can also apply these nail colors at home with precision, if the idea of going to a parlor every time sounds costly. They still last much longer than ordinary nail paints, even when done at home. Apply a single coat with broad strokes and leave it to dry for ten minutes. Apply the second coat with fine and thin strokes to get a perfect finish at home.
10. Inexpensive:

All these benefits sound too expensive, isn’t it? Well, no, certainly not. Shellac nail polishes are inexpensive beauty treatments that come well under 10 Euros/bottle. These pocket friendly amazing nail polishes can hugely transform the way you used to think about nail styling.

Nail art is an amazing technique of manicure to beautifully decorate nails with amazing designs and attractive colors. Shellac nail polishes are undoubtedly the latest innovations of the nail styling industry!


Do you have a personal favorite Shellac shade? What difference could you experience in the sheen and radiance of these nail polishes? Do share your feedback in the comments section below!

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